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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Instant Christmas tree is festive hit

Saw this what a easy lazy way to make up a tree but boy its great

The nifty 6ft tree comes in a flat packed box and is pre-lit with 200 twinkling lights, tinsel and dozens of baubles.

It is folded down into a 31-inch wide circle but when it is dropped over a two piece pole, the object unfolds into a cone shaped Christmas tree.

The lights are attached to a standard wall plug and the decorations are firmly stuck on the branches to stop them from falling off.

The gadget, called a Tree-in-a-Box, can be erected in less than two minutes.

And come twelfth night, the tree can be lifted off the pole and folded away in the same amount of time.

Inventors in the US came up with the idea for the instant Christmas trees but the concept has now arrived in Britian.

Internet sales of the unique fold-up festive gadgets are said to be booming as they are so easy to post.

Householders can chose from various different colour combinations with prices starting from about £70.

Dan Saul, from online shop World of Christmas, said: "This is a new tree for this year and it is already proving to be popular.

"It comes in a flat-packed box, similar to a pizza box, and can be ready within just five minutes.

"All you have to do is slot together two poles to make a 6ft high rod and fix it into a stand.

"The tree is completely round flat and is already decorated with tinsel, ribbons and baubles and lit with 200 lights.

"It just goes over the top of the pole and unfolds downwards to look like cone.

"There is a piece of metal running around the base to keep it solid and in place during the Christmas period.

"The only thing left to do is plug in the lights and it is ready."

Mr Saul added: "It really is the ultimate lazy tree and can save time in what is normally a very busy few weeks for people.

"I think it is aimed at those with fast-paced lives or elderly people due to the ease of it.

"We have only had them on sale for a couple of weeks but have already sold about a dozen.

"People seem to love them as they are up within minutes leaving you to sit back and relax."

Nick Peek, director of Peeks, the largest decorations supplier in Europe, has said internet sales are rocketing due to the ease of posting.

He said: "They have been flying off the shelves.

"They are incredibly popular because you can put them up in seconds, plug them in and away you go.

"It just drops down and you have an instant Christmas tree. And because they pack down into a small box we are selling huge numbers online."

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